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Big Sur

A darkly comedic drama short that explores the myriad ways grief transforms and haunts us, Big Sur follows Faye on the eve of her 40th anniversary, as she and her husband return to the beloved place they eloped to many years before.*

*Script produced and filmed in July 2021, completed post-production in October 2022, World Premiere at LA Shorts in July 2023.

Kill Me Now

A half-hour dark comedy that follows struggling writer Tess Davenport and her dysfunctional patrician family as they process the deeply painful and weirdly hilarious aftermath of her father Thomas’s unexpected Hawaiian suicide.


6 1/2 Dollars: A WASP Girl's Quest for Ubuntu

(1 W) A coming-of-age comedic drama that deals with issues of race, gender, class and identity. This solo show is the story of recent college graduate and blueblood WASP, Umlungu Girl, who has just received a fellowship from Columbia University to facilitate the creation of an original musical in the township of KwaMashu near Durban, South Africa. Despite the many warnings from her catastrophist Bostonian father, she sets off, armed with good intentions, naiveté and some key intellectual literature. As Umlungu Girl progresses in her work with a local Zulu theatre company, however, she discovers that blind optimism is not quite the panacea she imagined and comes face-to-face with her own prejudices and shortcomings – all of which threaten to derail the entire project.

**Honorable Mention in the 2017 New Works of Merit Playwriting Competition



(1 W, 2 M) It's the first day of the rest of Brad and Ethel's life together - that is if they survive the Zimbabwean bungee-jumping honeymoon Brad convinced Ethel to go on.

**Semi-Finalist in the Little Black Dress INK 2018 Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Festival


(1 W, 1 M) A woman and her husband return to the small village in Norway where they eloped to many years before.

**Shortlisted for the 2018 Short & Sweet Festival in Sydney, Australia

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